The World Travelers Society — Prequel – Chapter 6 – The “Spy”

I went back to the library searching for the book “Congo Solo”. While I was checking the book in the aisle, I came upon a note in the most unexpected way.

It is actually the library card for the book “China to me” on one side, and strangely enough a postcard is on the other side. So, I decided to rent the book “China to me” and take it back home. The librarian was kind enough to offer me a bookmark.

Postcard. CLICK on the PIC for HD.
Library Card. CLICK on the PIC for HD.

Can you help me fill in the missing information on the postcard? If you need me to check anything in the book, please let me know. But beforehand let me know your thought process and let me know what I should do. We need to work closely together on this one.

Library/Post Card + Bookmark – CLICK on PIC for HD
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