The World Travelers Society

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The Adventure

The World Travelers Society is a tabletop adventure with a strong narrative, inspired by true events sprinkled with bits of a treasure hunt and at the heart of it, a mysterious box.

Your adventure will start with a hand-made wooden box and padlocks with Chinese characters preventing you from getting inside. After opening the main compartment you will go through a myriad of documents and artifacts that will transport you to 1930s Shanghai, when the city was called the Paris of the Orient.

Working on the clues in the box alone won’t be enough, being inspired by true stories, people and places you’ll have to go out into the real world to continue your investigation, going down rabbit holes, looking through existing online archives and books, watching videos taken in Shanghai — just about anything to immerse you in the narrative and help you find true traces from the past to help you solve clues in today’s world…

You can play this game alone or with a group. Your ultimate goal is discover the World Travelers Society’s Secret by deciphering one by one all the clues.

Every time you solve a clue, simply enter your answer in the dedicated website. If it’s correct, you’ll receive a confirmation. You can also use the Hints to nudge you toward the right direction.


This adventure is currently out of stock due to the high number of handmade components, making it difficult for us to produce. However, there is a possibility that we might sell it again as an add-on for our next product’s Kickstarter campaign (not confirmed). Only the Prequel PDFs files are available at the moment.