About us

As an multicultural team based in Shanghai, China, we create immersive mystery games based on true events, usually on the “East Meets West” theme, where players have to go out into the real world, going down rabbit holes, looking through existing archives and books, touching objects — just about anything to immerse you in the narrative and help you find true traces and artifacts from the past to help you solve clues in today’s world.

We love to create games as close as possible to reality, offering players something they can touch or feel, and embed them in a narrative inspired by true stories, people and places.

Our sister company www.chinint.com has been providing for well over a decade—tailor-made corporate games for embassies, governments entities and major multinationals the likes of Disney, Ritz Carlton, Porsche, Google, Richemont, ExxonMobil, Cargill and many others.

Tangible Narrative is our new venture that focuses on creating games for individuals.