The World Travelers Society — Prequel – Chapter 5 bis – The Secret Note

I remembered that the notebook Rose gave me included a piece of information I already had, which is the partial architectural plan, so I checked it again thoroughly and I found an extra information. Someone actually wrote on a paper while it was on top of the plan, and it left some marks on the map. I just used a pencil (classic I know) to highlight the indent left on the paper. Can you read it?

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I am not sure if this clue is related to the book but I think it is, maybe they should be combined… I dunno. I feel Rose knew the book’s clue won’t lead us anywhere or not far enough (” If you don’t find me here, you’ll find me there”). Anyway, that’s all we have now, the book and this new clue.

Let me know what you get out of this, then tell me what I should or where I should go, and remember, I’m your eyes on the ground…

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