The World Travelers Society — Prequel – Chapter 4 – Meeting Rose

For the purpose of this Prequel the content of the Notebook differs from the one listed on Kickstarter

I met Rose at the Peace Hotel, the exchange was brief. She gave me a notebook that included a vintage “dragon whistle”, a scanned copy of the partial architectural plan, the signed map (which I didn’t have yet) and lots of empty sheets. The map is not complete, but now I can see two more signatures that were hidden in the article’s photograph. The notebook will come in handy; I will use it to collect the different materials gathered along the way.

While I was talking to her, she simply disappeared, but not before giving me a chance to get a glimpse at her tattoo. I saw the same symbol stamped on the map and the architectural plan. It’s probably the World Travelers Society’s emblem.

I went back to the hotel asking for her, and they told me nobody by the name of Rose works there. Does this secret society still exist? Does it have active members? We are investigating an almost 100-year-old enigma, but somehow I have the feeling I’m being helped, at least indirectly. The mystery deepens. Now, we’ve got all the information related to the published article and we have two extra leads — the book at the Shanghai public library and the two extra signatures on the map.

Scanned copy from Rose (for HD details see the two pics below)

You don’t need the HD version of the map right now, let’s just focus on the two pictures below.

I was trying to figure out the signature that is on the left of the words “The Cathay”, but I am not hundred percent sure. What can you read?


If you are stuck (can’t read the signature), do the following: save the above picture on your computer, then have a rest (or not).

In the meantime, I will try to see if I can find the missing part of the map. It is definitely a map of Shanghai and I can see “Shanghai 193_” written on it in pencil. I’m sure the place and the period this map was published might help narrow down your search (after being able to decipher the signature, of course) — and help you find out who does this signature belongs to and where does it come from.

CLICK on the PIC for HD (pls ignore watermark)
Rose’s Notebook
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