The Adventurer


Receive all the stuff in EXPLORER and so much more unique items: stone seal, handprinted document, wax seals, calligraphy scroll…



  • Big handmade vintage wooden box
  • 2 small handmade vintage wooden box + locks
  • Artifacts (blooming art tea, metal coin, vintage locks…)
  • Ephemera (1930s vintage postcards, letters, telegrams, notes…)
  • Big 1930s Shanghai Map (A1)
  • Rose’s Notebook
  • Dragon pendant + whistle
  • Guardian Lion Stone Seal
  • Unique document hand printed with woodblock
  • Wax seals on some documents
  • Refill to match EXPLORER
  • A signed and numbered copy of the WTS game
  • Access to the online hint/solution system

Please check the details in the ADVENTURER Reward tier below ­čĹç