The Road to the World Travelers Society’s Secret, Issue 3

Qing Dynasty Money

On February 12, 1912, Empress Dowager Longyu on behalf of the six-year-old Puyi, the last Emperor of China, issued the “Imperial Edict of the Abdication of the Qing Emperor” which marked the end of the Qing Dynasty.

So, why did some of these late Qing Dynasty paper money and coins end up in our 1930s story (and Mystery Box)?

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The only Westerner general in the Chinese Army

Sometimes in life a brief encounter can lead you to open a door to an entire new world.

We came upon so many colorful characters when we researched the game. We spent countless hours going down rabbit holes to go through their lives and it isn’t easy to stop — there is so much interesting stuff to read about them and it is hard to select what can be incorporated and confined to this game.

But that’s the beauty of this game, it isn’t confined. We present those characters to you and we want you to get lost in their stories, as much as we did when we created this game — read about them, explore their lives and along the way you may find some answers to the game’s puzzles.

One of these characters is Morris “Two-gun” Cohen, rumored to be the only Westerner to become a general in the Chinese Army.

Lord Kadoorie said — “There never was, nor ever will be, another city like Shanghai between the two wars”. It was, he said, a place that combined “the attributes of both east and west …with its good and its bad, and a paradise for adventurers.

Morris “Two-gun” Cohen is the epitome of the adventurer.

You too can join the World Travelers Society (WTS) and be an Adventurer!

Book cover: Two-Gun Cohen by Charles Drage published in 1954

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