The Road to the World Travelers Society’s Secret, Issue 1

I have been releasing materials related to the upcoming Mystery Box, posting item by item in our Facebook group, on Instagram and some on Twitter. Starting with this issue, I’ll gather all the stuff published the previous days and combine them in a post.

Sir Victor Sassoon

… learn more about the King of Shanghai.

On this day (posted date) — March 11, 1938 for the first time in Chinese history, China started the management of foreign exchange control.

I wonder how Sir Victor Sassoon did react to the news — it was no secret that he was one of the five or six richest men in the world, the owner of Asia’s first true skyscrapers, and of the most luxurious and valuable buildings in Shanghai.

Sir Victor of the Sassoon family of Baghdadi Jewish descent, known as “Rothschilds of the East” as a result of the immense wealth they accumulated through finance and trade. From the 18th century, the Sassoons were one of the wealthiest families in the world, with a corporate empire spanning the entire continent of Asia. It certainly helped to be a Sassoon but Sir Victor was a keen investor. When India was about to get its independence, he sold most of the family assets to invest in Shanghai. His optimism about the city contributed to the boom that produced the tallest buildings outside of America.

The Cathay Hotel located at the grandest location on the primest estate in Shanghai – back then and still today – was the heart of Sir Victor’s empire. It was the place you’ll be rubbing shoulders with Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard or Douglas Fairbanks. It was also here that playwright Noel Coward completed Private Lives while staying at the hotel. It was simply the place to be.

The Guardian Lions

In fact quite the opposite, the Lion Stone Seal is supposed to protect the box — he is not here to help but guard the society’s secret! And yes, gorgeous maybe but the guardian Lion’s appearance is one of Power.

Only true Members of the World Travelers Society will receive the Lion’s blessing and will be able to open the box. Are you a true Member?

But is one Lion’s blessing enough? They often come in pairs… Is there another Lion?

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