Hi, I’m Olivier. Let’s travel to 1930s Shanghai…

A little about me

I’ve been the Creative Director for an international team building company here in China for well over a decade. Half-way through, we won the tender to create team building events for the Shanghai Park & Resort of the biggest entertainment company in the world. At that moment, I asked myself “why would they need me, this is the most creative conglomerate out there”.

It turns out, storytelling and gamification is my thing.

So here I am, launching a new direct-to-consumer game, so expect narrative to play a big part in it.

Tabletop Mystery (Escape) Box

My best attempt to give a name to our upcoming Kickstarter project is, a tabletop adventure game with a strong narrative, inspired by true events sprinkled with bits of a treasure hunt and at the heart of it, a mysterious box.

In this immersive game, you’ll need to solve a mystery that took place in 1930s China, but that resurfaced recently in Shanghai. So come now, and embark on this voyage that will transport you to 1930s Shanghai, when the city was called the Paris of the Orient, catered to every whim of the rich, and became known as a place of vice and indulgence.