The Great Tea Robbery

Launching soon on Kickstarter

The history’s most lucrative theft or nothing but an elaborate hoax?

Set within the chaos of the mid-1800s Opium Wars, the narrative centers on audacious industrial espionage
— an event hailed as the greatest theft of trade secrets in the history of mankind.

This Mystery Adventure Offers

  • An Immersive Experience, dive into little known history’s twists
  • A Tactile Journey, engage with 1850s documents and exciting artifacts
  • A Sensory Voyage, in the world of Tea and its birthplace
  • A First-Person Immersion, uncover an intrepid adventurer’s diaries
  • A Front-Row Seat, peek at an audacious act of espionage
  • A Thorough Investigation, spanning up to 20hrs of gameplay*

*(or just 3hrs with our flexible difficulty system)

There’s a gift for you, that’s not a mystery!

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