The Great Tea Robbery

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The history’s most lucrative theft or nothing but an elaborate hoax?

Set in the tumultuous mid-nineteenth century during the opium wars, the story revolves around an audacious act of industrial espionage
—an event hailed as the greatest theft of trade secrets in the history of mankind, leaving its indelible mark on the present day.

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True to the Society’s name, you’ll Travel to Present-day Shanghai and its glorious past through Clues, Images and Videos that while helping you solve the mystery will completely immerse you in this voyage.

This Mystery Adventure Offers

  • An Immersive Experience, dive into little known history’s twists
  • A Tactile Journey, engage with 1850s documents and exciting artifacts
  • A Sensory Voyage, in the world of Tea and its birthplace
  • A First-Person Immersion, uncover an intrepid adventurer’s diaries
  • A Front-Row Seat, peek at an audacious act of espionage
  • A Thorough Investigation, spanning up to 20hrs of gameplay*

*(or just 3hrs with our flexible difficulty system)