Decrypting our Unconventional Kickstarter Campaign

Our latest Kickstarter Stats

  • 1$ Funding goal
  • 47440% Funded
  • 147 Backers
  • 18% conversion (Followers converted to Backers)
  • ~800 messages on Discord (Prequel’s players interacting with each other)
  • What we do at Tangible Narrative

    We offer adventures that you can touch. Games with a strong Narrative that are Tangible — you can touch them (yes, with your hands) and they also make sense (based on True Events).

    True Events based

    That’s a big thing for us. We love to connect the Past and the Present. So if you are going through authentic artifacts, searching existing archives and visiting historical buildings and places, you’ve just connected the Past and Present.

    Getting lost is a bonus

    Did you ever have these feelings when you were visiting a place, close or far — getting lost and coming across amazing things? We want you to have this feeling when you play our games — getting lost and discovering interestings things while our game’s mechanics are always there to bring you back on track if you wish to. 

    What was the Kickstarter about

    We didn’t do it to raise funds, we did it to raise awareness for our upcoming Kickstarter — the Mystery Box. So during the campaign, for 1$, players had the chance to play the full game, an online adventure to immerse them in the Mystery Box’s story.

    Was it Challenging

    Our target audience is people who love something physical, something that you can touch but through our Kickstarter campaign we were promoting an online experience. So yes, promoting something you clearly know isn’t what your market wants can be challenging.

    Why taking this approach

    We didn’t want to show (yet) the Mystery Box. Why? Simply because we wanted to stay authentic to the story — the Mystery Box belongs to a secret Society and it has vanished. So if we don’t have the box, we can’t show it, right!?

    Did it work

    “Starting from zero got nothing to lose” (Tracy Chapman) was our motto when we launched this campaign.

    We had zero followers but we wanted our audience to play our game. So we brought our game and Kickstarter brought us the traffic. We are very happy with this result! We made lots of friends along the way and received plenty of feedback.

    Kickstarter brought more than just backers, it offered a structure (credibility, payment, familiar navigation, backers more open to innovative ideas and understanding risks, etc). So we lowered backers’ risk to the minimum by having just a 1$ pledge and used the Kickstarter structure to offer a real product.

    What’s Next

    Our following on social media is close to zero, for the same reason stated above, we need product pictures! We’ll start doing that now until we launch our Mystery Box kickstarter campaign.

    So follow us! We will mainly post on Instagram and Facebook Page. The discussions will take place mainly in the Facebook group.

    Get Ready

    This is just the beginning, it was a little appetizer. The next campaign, the one you have been waiting for, the one with the Mystery Box is coming very soon…

    If you played the immersive mystery campaign you’ll know we are very serious in making the narrative and immersion real. The Mystery Box will be even better! When you’ll get the box in your hands you’ll understand the meaning of our company name — Tangible Narrative.